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Educators and Policymakers

About DRC

Established in 1926, Data Recognition Corporation is one of education’s leading adult assessment partners. With a reputation for delivering the highest quality psychometric research, accuracy, and client service, DRC serves the global education community with a comprehensive range of assessment programs and services.

Why Select the TASC test from DRC?

DRC is the leader in developing adult education tests for the adult basic education market. DRC assessments have passed rigorous reviews at the state and federal level, and for more than 45 years the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE®) have been the premier measure of achievement used by educators, states, and employers to assess the knowledge and skills of adult learners. DRC's expertise and capabilities in both assessing adult basic education and in Career and College Readiness standards support the company’s ability to respond to states’ needs for a high-quality, affordable, and accessible high school equivalency assessment aligned to the following standards:

Industry-Leading Research and Consultant Staff

DRC’s research staff provides leadership to the measurement community through peer-reviewed publications and presentations and the development of state-of-the art psychometric methods resulting in industry awards and honors. DRC’s research staff includes doctorate-level research scientists, as well as statistical analysts and research implementation specialists. DRC works collaboratively with adult educators to provide test results and interpretations that are valid, technically defensible and easy to interpret.

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