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Preparing for TASC Test


Online Interactive Demo Introduces Technology  Enhanced Items


You can now experience new technology enhanced item types before test day. The interactive demo offers practice items just like those you will find on the new D, E and F TASC test forms. Designed to familiarize you with technology enhanced items, this dynamic new demo will increase test taker confidence and provide examinees with a simulated online test taking experience.

Begin the demo:


TASC test centers are easy to find and access using private or public transportation. Learn more about TASC test locations, and find one close to you:

Find a location

Once you have found a test center, here are the key steps you will need to follow to register for TASC test.

Register for the test


This will depend on your state. Your state may utilize their current testing model and register students locally. Your state may also offer the option to use a dedicated online TASC test registration system.

You also must meet the following criteria to take TASC test:

• Not currently enrolled in high school

• Not graduated from high school

• At least 16 years old

• Meet all local requirements for your state or territory regarding age, residency, and length of time since leaving school.


Find out if you are ready for TASC test

The TABE test from Data Recognition Corporation, offered at many test center locations, is a great way to help you determine your level in each of the five test areas. TABE results can tell you whether you are ready to begin preparation for TASC test, or if you need to study and learn more basic skills first.

When you are ready to take TASC test, you should make sure you take a preparation class and start with the official TASC practice test. A TASC practice test will help you evaluate how well prepared you are for the official TASC test. If you do not meet the required scores on the practice TASC test, you can go back to class, and continue to study and prepare to take the test.

When you have tested on TABE, and completed TASC test preparation and get good scores on TASC practice test, then you are ready to take the official test.

This may seem like a lot of work. You need to remember TASC is a test to see how well you compare to today’s graduating high school seniors. TASC test will cover five subject areas and take the better part of a day to complete. It is too important to take lightly. So yes, you need to study and study hard.

You may be able to read and write, add and subtract, know a little bit about social studies and science. Compared to what you would be learning in high school today, it is not enough to pass the TASC test and get your diploma. Studying and being prepared for TASC test will ensure that you can do your best on the test.

TASC practice tests and other TASC test study materials will be available from various publishers through websites and bookstores.

Choose the test you need

Test centers will determine whether to offer the test online or as a paper-and-pencil test. If you are more comfortable taking the paper-and-pencil test, find a test center where it is offered. If the online version works for you, find a test center providing computers and take TASC test online. The choice is yours. The same is true if you have any special needs that the test center needs to take into account.

Be sure to complete the forms

We already mentioned this, but it’s important enough to repeat. If you need help, work with someone at the test center to complete the test registration form before you take TASC test. This form must be accurately completed in order to get your name into the system, and receive a placement at a testing center. Once the form is done, you can take TASC test and have the results become official.

Find out how you did

If you take the test online you will have immediate scoring for the computer-based tests.  The paper-and-pencil based tests, and the writing tests, will be sent to DRC and returned within 10 days.

If you need to take any part of the test again

If you do not pass one or more of the subtests, you can to take up to two free subtest retakes after the complete TASC test has been finished. Subtests beyond the second retake will cost $10.40 each. Check with your state and testing center for any additional fees that might be included in the final cost.