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The Reading Section | TASC Test

The TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ Reading subtest is organized according to reading standards with varying levels of emphasis. High emphasis areas are incredibly important for test takers, as they are the focus of the majority of questions on the exam.

Literacy is especially important for adult learners who wish to complete their high school equivalency. Start studying for the TASC test Reading subtest by familiarizing yourself with these high emphasis areas. Once you’ve mastered these areas, you can move onto the medium and low emphases.

Key Ideas and Details


Focus on the main ideas and supporting details of a text. As you read, know thoroughly what the text says. You should also determine how those ideas are supported.

Craft and Structure


Pay attention to the structure of a text – sentences, paragraphs, sections, chapters, etc. Looking at these details can help you analyze the reading passage.

Consider why the author uses certain words and phrases. What does the author mean? What is the connotation of his or her word choices? Do they reveal the writer’s language, point of view, or purpose? Do they influence the structure? What are their characters like – round or flat?

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas


Judge the success of a writer’s argument in a text. This means that you compare and contrast two different texts on the same topic or with a similar theme. This might require you to cite sources, so familiarize yourself with citation styles.

Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity


You should prepare for a range of complex literary and informational texts. Explore these types:

• Stories

• Dramas

• Poems

• Myths

• Histories

• Nonfiction