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Texas Instrument Model TI-30XS is the preferred calculator for taking the TASC test.  The TI-30XS is a scientific calculator with trigonometry and logarithm functions, but no graphing functions. Graphing calculators are not permitted for use on the TASC test. Other scientific calculators may be approved but must have trigonometry and logarithm functions, but they cannot have graphing functions or any programming capability. To aid Examiners, if your state or area has approved the use of calculator models other than the Texas Instrument Model, Test Coordinators should maintain a list of the approved models and train Examiners how to check that the calculators meet requirements.

TI-30XS Multview™ Calculator

The TI-30XS is the recommended calculator for use on the TASC test.

TASC Test TI-30XS Multview™ Calculator Reference Sheet



A TI-30XS calculator reference sheet is available in English and Spanish for use with the print and online version of the TASC J, K, and L test forms and the TASC Readiness Assessment.


Download English Version PDF

Download Spanish Version PDF

Online Calculator Reference Sheet for TASC Test
A calculator with all functions necessary for the TASC test is available for the online tests in DRC INSIGHT. An online INSIGHT calculator reference sheet is available for use with the online version of the TASC J, K, and L test forms and the TASC Readiness Assessment.


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Alternate Scientific Calculators
Listed below are some of the alternate scientific calculators that meet the approval criteria for use on the TASC test. Any of the devices below can be used instead of the  TI-30XS Multview™ Calculator when approved by the state or regional authority.

TI 30XS (also used in online version of TASC) MAIN Recommended TASC Calculator




Casio FX-115ESPLUS


Casio FX-115MSPlus


Casio FX-300ESPlus


Casio FX-260Solar


HP 35S – Note this Requires RPN Familiarity