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Colleges/Postsecondary Schools


TASC Test Transcript

Examinee transcripts are provide to test takers by states or Diploma Sender. Examinee transcripts will report on the five subject areas comprised by the test: Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Writing.

To pass the TASC Test at the overall level, an examinee must pass each content area test. There is no additional requirement to pass the TASC Test at the overall level; examinees must simply achieve at least the minimum passing requirements for each subject area test.

The minimum passing score is 500 in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The TASC Test Writing subtest has one additional requirement: the examinee must score at least 500 and achieve at least a 2 out of the eight possible points on the Writing essay. Find a detailed explanation of the TASC test standard scoring process on our blog.