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 TASC Test Advantage

TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ offers advantages amongst state high school equivalency programs. Find out why preparing students for TASC test can be your opportunity to move the next generation of adult learners forward:


TASC test provides a well-planned transition to the College and Career Readiness (CCR) standards.

Your responsibility as an educator is to prepare adult learners with the real-world knowledge and skills they need to go on to bigger things. That’s why we designed TASC test to gradually transition to full CCR standards from 2014 to 2016. Items will gradually increase in Depth of Knowledge (DOK) rigor over three years, helping you and your students focus on the fundamentals.  Second, we will introduce innovative computer item types over this same time frame, familiarizing you and your students with computer-based tests and the necessary skills needed to take them. This combination gives states time to adequately prepare you and test takers for greater rigor – without sacrificing your commitment to a higher standard.

Find out how TASC test supports CCR standards >


TASC test is Accessible

TASC test can be taken at any state-approved testing site, and is available in both paper-and-pencil and online formats. This ensures that the test is available to as many of your test takers as possible without traveling long distances, or causing test centers to renovate in order to provide the online version of the test.


TASC test is Affordable

Test centers in states that have approved TASC test offer the test because of its accessibility, affordability and flexibility.  Check with your local test center for TASC test pricing.

TASC test is Flexible

We do not require your students to go to particular testing centers to administer the computer-based exam. TASC test helps states maintain control over their high school equivalency testing programs.  As long as a testing center has its state’s approval, it can virtually follow all of the processes already in place for either computer- or paper-based high school equivalency tests.

Three TASC test forms are available each year, in English and Spanish, for paper-and- pencil and online tests.  TASC’s alternative forms include large print, Braille, and audio.

TASC test is available in both paper-and-pencil and online formats; the test center locations, and most importantly your students, can choose.

Paper-and-Pencil Tests:

• Are easy to use—the same style in use for decades.


Gradually transition from paper-and-pencil to an online assessment.

Our paper-and-pencil tests are easy to use and maintain the same style that has been in use for decades. The online assessment is available, and we are offering gradual transition to online testing because of the following:

• Sites lacking adequate computer labs

• Students who are not yet comfortable taking an online test

• Sites such as correctional facilities, where the ability to administer online exams is limited

• Accommodations for students with special needs when online accommodations are not optimal

• Making content coverage, rigor, and passing requirements comparable to paper-and-pencil tests


The online test is simple:

It features:

• An easy-to-understand interface that’s simple for students to use, primarily requiring the student to understand how to type and navigate the screen using a mouse

• Instant reports, except for tests requiring hand-scoring (e.g., the 2014 Writing test)

• Improved efficiency; test items and student data are secure using the latest online security protocols


TASC Test is research-based.

Find out detailed information about the design of the test, along with the following benefits of our research:

• Test items are a valid and reliable measurement of College and Career Readiness content.

• Item response theory scaling and equating supports accuracy and form equivalence.

• When students pass the test, their scores show a clear picture of achievement in College and Career Readiness knowledge.

• The online platform used by TASC test is a tested and proven high-stakes, secure platform. DRC|CTB plans to release a computer adaptive version of TASC test with even shorter administration times and no loss of accuracy.