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TASC Test Advantage

TASC test provides a number of advantages when compared to the other high school equivalency tests.

TASC Test Provides a Well-Planned Transition to the Common Core
TASC test, which is Common Core-aligned, will feature a design that allows states to gradually transition from the essential concepts of the Common Core State Standards to a deeper Depth of Knowledge (DOK) over a three-year period. Teachers will be able to focus on the fundamental Common Core standards as TASC test gradually introduces new more innovative types of questions. This means your teachers will have more time to prepare for the test. It also avoids a large number of failures and retakes that would result from providing Common Core test questions too soon. A gradual transition in the types of questions asked allows you to spend more time practicing, studying, and getting ready to take TASC test, and that is good news for you.

TASC Test is Accessible
TASC test does not need to be administered in any special location. TASC test can be taken at any state-approved testing site, and is available in both paper-and-pencil and online formats. This insures that the test is easy for you to take without traveling long distances.

TASC Test is Affordable
It is important that a high quality high school equivalency (HSE) assessment remains available at a reasonable price. DRC developed the TASC test to keep the price affordable when you are ready to take this next big step. The TASC test can cost significantly less than other HSE tests, and you get a lot more for your dollar. State and local fees differ by states, please see our state registration page for specific pricing.

TASC Test is Flexible
Your state has control over their high school equivalency testing programs. Data Recognition Corporation | CTB kept TASC test flexible by not requiring the use of particular testing centers for the test. This means your state can follow the same process for testing they already have in place.

Three TASC tests are available each year in English and Spanish. TASC test can also meet any special testing needs you might have with large print, Braille, and audio.

TASC test is available in both paper-and-pencil and online versions—the choice is left up to the people administering the test at the test center locations.

Paper-and-Pencil Tests:
Paper-and-pencil tests are equal to online tests with regard to their covering the same content, level of difficulty, and passing requirements.

• Easy to use—the same style in use for decades.

• Supports a gradual transition from paper-and-pencil to online assessment for students not yet comfortable taking online tests.

• Can be offered at sites, such as correctional facilities, where the ability to administer online tests is limited.

• Provides accommodations for students with special needs when online tests are not the best choice.


Online Tests:
• Easy-to-understand interface is simple for students to use, primarily requiring the student to understand how to type, and how to navigate the screen using a mouse.

• Provides instant reports except for tests requiring scoring by hand, for example the writing test.

• Offers improved efficiency because the test items and student data are secure using the latest online security.


TASC Test is Research Based
DRC|CTB’s research staff is a leader when it comes to developing tests like TASC test, and they have  won numerous industry awards and honors. DRC|CTB works with adult student educators and many others to provide test results and interpretations that meet all the standards of your state.

All the questions (also called items) are tested on nationally representative samples of graduating high school seniors and adult learners. This means that the research that went into TASC test provides the following:

• A valid and reliable measurement of Common Core content and standards.

• Appropriate and meaningful passing scores for TASC test as well as scores for Career and College Readiness.


The online platform used by TASC test has also been tested and has proven to be a secure platform for this type of important test.