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The TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ Writing subtest is organized according to varying levels of emphasis. The majority of the exam focuses on these high emphasis questions. For the TASC test Writing subtest, we’ve outlined important skills that can help you meet those levels of emphasis. These skills work together and build on one another.

1. Narrow Down Your Ideas


You should be able to discuss a topic using:

• Effective techniques

• Well-chosen details

• Organization that improves your argument


One way to achieve this on your Writing subtest is to make time for revision. Take this extra step to eliminate wordiness, and polish your writing.

2. Support Your Argument


Use both strong reasoning and good evidence. This can involve resources and good logic. Be sure readers can follow your reasoning.

3. Consider Your Organization


Your argument should be clearly developed with a style that’s purposeful and directed at the right audience.

4. Pay Special Attention to Grammar


Mistakes often distract readers, so be sure to proofread and know basic grammar rules. This includes having good sentence structure, effective punctuation marks and spelling.

As a general writing tip, read your essay aloud to yourself quietly when practicing for the TASC test. This trick can help you catch grammar errors like run-on sentences, missing commas, and awkward phrases.